How to use this documentation#

This documentation is made as a series of Jupyter Notebooks that you can copy (or git clone) to follow-through interactively.

Documentation Git repository#

This documentation is hosted on GitHub in this repository:

Downloading this documentation into your GEOAnalytics Canada Jupyter Notebook#

Before downloading this documentation, you should first be familiar with the GEOAnalytics Canada Jupyter Notebook system. Be sure to complete the Jupyter Notebooks tutorial before proceeding.

  1. Open up your GEOAnalytics Canada Jupyter environment

  2. Open up a new terminal by selecting File -> New -> Terminal The San Juan Mountains are beautiful!

  3. In the terminal type the following command. This will download the tutorials into a folder named “tutorials” :

git clone tutorials

  1. On the left-folder navigation, open the tutorials folder, and open up the .ipynb file (which is a jupyter notebook file) that you want to work through.